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Awesome shit man!! really well paced and I love those expressions!! Keep it up ya lil shit ;P <3

Welp it's confirmed... There are now Housekins among us... Sadly that's not the strangest Otherkin there is... Sadly...
Anyway I love it, smooth animation (even though the walking motion looks more like they're on ice it really ins't too noticeable), funny voices for each character even though they sound almost exactly the same (as is the LazyMuffin/LazyPillow way) and a funny topic that at the beginning you'd think is gonna go one way but does a Evel Knievel on us and does a 270 degree spin on the x axis and a 96 on the y and somehow able to land on it's wheels safely leaving the audience bewildered and entertained. It's weird to think that people believe that they're [insert anything here (literally I don't know how but anything works for these people)] in a human body. But then again, whatever, as long as it gets people through the day I guess it's ok to think you're an Train or a confirmed fictional character. Anyway, I liked that little end "talking to yourself" bit. I was surprised to see side-mouth not there, especially as it's a recurring theme in some of your works as since you were kinda talking to yourself. So yeh I love it. Made me laugh... So well done... Bye..!
Also, currently LOVING The Silly String album. Please make more mmkay?

Like Dave said, a good first animation. Not a lot of movement which made it boring to watch, however lots of potential I do like the 3d/2d/2.5d (which I thought was funny) very appealing... Also the design of Caroline is very well done, very beautiful.

So yeh, well done!

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Why must it always be you that creates these amazing animations?! Seriously though, nice to see some Nitrome fan shit, barely ever see anything. Really cool effects, cool animation, and cool design. All AWESOME!! Keep it up, you crazy motherfucker <3

Would look better in black...

Reference quota fulfilled. There is no need to thank me.

"Pants as red as his, can only bear COURAGE". A quote from Dodoba, an animation by Yon Hui 'n'co... Kinda... Edited for relevance... Also it kinda sounds funny. I wonder what he bears in his red pants OTHER than courage. mmmmmmmm..! Would actually say something constructive but it looks great. If anything the lighting seems a bit weird: Reflection on breast plate doesn't match helmet, maybe raise the reflection on the helmet a bit more up and to the left. But yeh. I like it! ;p




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